Privacy is our starting point
We do not use apps for tracking, but stand-alone devices that can be carried in the (trouser) pocket or on a key ring. We do not know which employee has which tracer. Tracers can only be read by a special - password protected - app by someone who is authorized to do so.
No GPS required
Our tracers do not have a GPS chip and employees do not need to install an app. The tracers use Bluetooth to determine the distance between devices.
Tracers transmit an encrypted ID. Data from nearby tracers can always be exported for the past 14 days. Decoding is only possible with a special password-protected app. Only someone who is designated for this task within a company knows which employee has which device.

How it works

Explained step by step

1. Distribute tracers
Give each employee his/her own tracer and ask him/her to wear it during the working day. Keep track of which tracer has been distributed to which employee. It can be useful to put a label on the tracer with the name or employee number.
2. Tracer measures distance
The tracers automatically measure the distance to other tracers. If another tracer is within the infection radius, that event is stored locally on the tracer.
3. Infected workers
If an employee develops corona symptoms, he/she will report to the company doctor and hand in the tracer. The patient's tracer contains data about contact moments within the infection zone with other employees.
4. Scan tracer
Open the special Tracer-scanner app. Enter the correct password and scan the QR code on the tracer. Export the list of tracers that have been close to the scanned tracer.
5. Use the spreadsheet
Open and inspect the list in Excel. Only the authorized person within the company has a list that links the tracers to the employees. This is done to ensure privacy: someone without this list will never know which tracer belongs to which employee.
6. Inform potentially infected employees
Inform employees who have been in the vicinity of the infected employee and treat them as stated in company policy.

Why choose this solution?

What if we do nothing?

The Corona-Tracer offers you the opportunity to resume work. Suppose an employee shows symptoms of the virus and the company does NOT use Corona-Tracers: then

  • the entire enterprise must be closed and disinfected;
  • all employees must be sent home and production will come to a standstill;
  • employees are unsure whether they are also infected;
  • all employees must be self-quarantined for 14 days;
  • jobs are endangered.

Why the Corona-Tracer?

The Corona-Tracer is a stand-alone device. No app is needed on your employees' phones.
  • No concerns about whether your employee's phone is turned off or the phone battery is dead.
  • No time-consuming instructions and checks on app installations.
  • Direct access to data; not dependent on whether the potentially infected workers report back, which could reduce effectiveness.
Corona-Tracers can be strategically placed throughout the work floor, providing these locations with a unique identifier. Only the locations logged in the infected employee’s Corona-Tracer need to be disinfected.
Some of the benefits:
  • Keep "clean" areas open for use.
  • Keep healthy employees at work.
  • Only disinfect what needs to be disinfected.
Clarity for employee and employer. Keeps the employer in control while respecting everyone's privacy. This way everyone can go to work with a safe feeling


€ 25,-
per employee
for 6 months
Together against Corona

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